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Top Pakistani dramas you want to watch again even in 2018

These are some of the past Pakistani dramas you might want to watch again.

1. Humsafar

Views:Humsafar was one of the most memorable and catchy drama on the list to snatch the first spot. Starring Fawad Khan and spice of story a woman surviving sexual allegations put on her in our society which made it a long journey, nonetheless keeping it interesting. The OST and the song sung by Qirat-ul-Ain Balouch had made this drama a sort a thing that used to bring everybody in the house to gather up in front of the TV. The unquestionable success of this drama was  partly due to the song. The story too was a back and forth between a husband a wife that synchronized the heartbeat of millions of Pakistani people with itself. The drama seemed to be aiming to couture the minds of watchers and the society to let go of male ego for the good and forgive the past of the woman who you have fallen in love with. Overall the drama was quite enticing, sparky and attractive due to the romantic element in every …
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Top Eating Places in Peshawar

Top five places in Peshawar to eat.There are many places to dine in peshawar but based upon the social atmosphere these are the top places where you can have protein, veg and fast food. Though there are other places which offer only one of them or more.
1. Cafe Crunch / aka Masoom's along time ago.

Views:I think that steaks and Italian this restaurant has been established and has maintained the quality without ever going down
Staff Service: Once a man was talking very loud on the phone and a lady complained about it to the manager and the manager immediately took action right in front of me.  Staff Rate: 5/5
Modern People rate: 5/5
Best Dish: Jalapeno Steak and Italian Chicken

2. Melting Spot Cafe
Views: Even though its location is a place that does not even know the name of but what I know about that place is that many powderys and charisies but still PIZZA is OMG level. It compensates for the hideous location.
Staff Service: The delivery guy was pretty rude this once.  Staff Rate: 4 /5

Top Five Pakistani Women with Great Shameless Audacity

Top Five Pakistani Women with Great Audacity!
Many women in Pakistan have played a very constructive role in humanitarian causes, political and have done philanthropy in all its forms but some of them mentioned below have fallen victim to rosy convictions, like Ayesha Gulalai whose thoughts for Imran Khan are worth examining. SO

#1. Ayesha Gulalai"Oh! Imran Khan is so jealous of me."She, by all means, I think deserves this first spot. Below is a video too, where she says she thinks that Imran Khan is jealous of her. It is mind penetrating for me to try to solve the puzzle of why she thinks that, Imran Khan, who resides in hearts of millions of women around the world as a respectable figure be jealous of her, Does she think she had won the 1996 World Cup? Or is it because she thinks, she is the daughter of James Goldsmith like Jemima Khan? Maybe she thinks she is better than Reham Khan in charlatanism? She, in my opinion, has damaged the country indirectly by damaging Imran Kha…

PSX: Truth about 'Ham aik Stock ko upar or neechay laygain gay' people.

Truth about people who tell you to believe that they with your help will take up and bring down a Stock in PSX!
If you people believe this type of a notion then you clearly and obviously do not know how the stock market works. If the principle that is gleaned from sentence the ' Hum aik stock ko upar or neechay lay kar gaain gay' was real then that would mean that you people think that in Stock Market, the money is magically created and everybody wins.
Well NO!. That is not the truth. There are actual winners and losers in the stock markets. The money you sometimes make is actually someone else'  money, who buys the stock at a higher price from you because he expects the stock to go even higher and you sell it to him because you may have achieved your target. Hence it is proven that stock price is purely and purely dependant on price expectations of variety in millions of people. This is a reference from the book of Mrs. Barbara Rockefeller, who is a leading technical ana…

Parlance Advantage: How Pakistani media used Parlance Advantage to make money from both sides!

parlance ˈpɑːl(ə)ns/ noun a particular way of speaking or using words, especially a way common to those with a particular job or interest.
"dated terms that were once in common parlance"   

This is how the word parlance is defined if you type it in google. It is the way you arrange everything in language to sometimes maybe create an effect that is contradictory to the literal meaning of a question or a sentence. Anchors or media company owners may take the advantage of this Parlance-effect to attract people to bribe them so they can add to their wealth i.e by taking bribes. In USA the news and media channels openly declare their political leanings i.e Fox news is pro-Republican and CNN openly works for the Democratic party. This is very important because: Now let us suppose there are two balls which are half red and half yellow, and if you had to choose between the two balls, you would obviously think that there will be no difference in what you get, no matter which ball you ch…

The OneCoin scam in this OneLife of yours.

OneCoin / OneLife : The scam which made everybody in Pakistan a virtual millionaire / billionaire. 


Even though deep down we have that thing which without a shred of doubt assures us that OneCoin is a big scam, there is always that hindsight of it becoming true at some point which makes us picture ourselves as millionaires and billionaires. Such a hindsight gets buried for me at least when I put it against the questions below, Do they bury that hindsight for you too? Here are the questions:

1. Private blockchain. (How did a bulgarian design a blockchain system?).
2. They do not sell coins, they sell educational material lol (source: wikipedia).
3. There will be an IPO instead of ICO(unheard of) of OneCoin on Hong Kong stock exchange.
4. They hire motivational speakers that further glorify the success of Bitcoin which nudges people to buy educational material(coins) from OneCoin.
5. The xcoinx is still underconstruction, its been like one year…

260 MH/s Hash rate under $2700: With increasing mining dificulty, you need an Ethereum miner to increase profitibility !

260 MH/s Hash rate under $2700: With increasing mining dificulty, you need an Ethereum miner to increase profitibility !
After a lot of researching after I first heard of cryptocurency from one of my peeps,  just like many of you did, I was really motivated to get my hands on the easy-money you can make from mining cryptocurrency. I think that I have found a perfect blend of  miner parts to make the most efficient miner / rig with highest hashrate, surprisingly many  Youtubers like IMineBlocks have found this combination to be the best but they do use a very expensive motherboard.  There are three things that need to be considered for before making a miner(and buy everything from alibaba, it'll be way cheaper):
1. Power consumption of the GPUs. 2. Cost of your GPU Units. 3. The hashrate that each GPU unit provides.

1. You need the 12 units of Radeon RX470 each for $200. 2. 12 powered risers each for less than $5. 3. 2 Power supply units 720 WATT eac…